Burk’s passionate solo piano, characterised by the seamless combination ofcomposition and improvisation, has been documented on his threecritically acclaimed solo recordings: The Way In 482 Music, Clean Spring SteepleChase Records, As A River Tonos Records. The solo recital best reflects Greg’s background growing up in an environment of classical music, as well as the influence of his teachers,Paul Bley and Yusef Lateef.

“The sustained complementary independence of Burk’s limbs borders on the preternatural.
Piano recitals are a near quotidian exercise these days in the crowded jazz arena.
Burk’s latest sortie in the idiom boldly stands out.”

Derek Taylor, Dusted Magazine

“This very moving music compels introspection as we watch and listen while Burk brings us into intimate contact with his soul, both human and musical.”

Jerry D’Souza, All About Jazz