The Detroit Songbook

2018 (March 15) SteepleChase Records

Greg Burk: Piano

Matteo Bortone: Bass

John B. Arnold: Drums


2017 Ra Kalam Records

Greg Burk: Piano, Composition

Rossen Zahariev: Cornet, flugelhorn, kavarinet

Matt Renzi: Tenor saxophone, clarinet, oboe, English horn

Aryeh Kobrinski: Bass

Ra Kalam Bob Moses: Drums, percussion, gongs

Clean Spring

2016 SteepleChase Records

Greg Burk, Piano



Deep Blue Sky

2016 RaRa Records

Greg Burk: piano, moog, washint, voice

Stefano Senni: bass

Enzo Carpentieri: drums


We Are One

Rakalam Records, 2014

Henry Cook: Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Alto Flute, Washint, Reed Clarinet

Matt Renzi: Tenor Saxophone, Alto Flute, Oboe, Playett

Greg Burk: Piano, Vocals, Drums

Ron Seguin: Bass

Ra-Kalam Bob Moses: Drums, Cymbals, Percussion, Hapi Drum, Piano

The Path Here

482 Music - 2011

Greg Burk: Piano, Washint
Jonathan Robinson: Bass, Thumb Piano
Gerald Cleaver: Drums, percussion

Song For Iaia  
Blues In O

Ecstatic Weanderings

Ecstatic Weanderings
(Jazzwerkstatt Berlin Brandenburg, 2010)

Greg Burk, Piano and Drums
Rakalam Bob Moses, Drums and Piano


(Accurate Records, 2010)

Greg Burk, Piano, Moog, Voice and Percussion
Vicente Lebron, Congas, Tambora, Gua Gua, Clave, Triangle, Voice, Talking Drum, Guira and Clave.

Many Worlds

Many Worlds
(482 Music, 2010)

Greg Burk, pianist/composer
Henry Cook, flute, alto and soprano saxophones
Ron Seguin, bass
Michel Lambert, drums

Berlin Bright

Berlin Bright
(Soul Note, 2007)

Greg Burk, pianist/composer
Ignaz Dinne`, alto and soprano saxophones
Jonathan Robinson, bass
Andrea Marcelli, drums

Ivy trio

Ivy Trio
(482 Music, 2007)

Greg Burk, pianist/composer
Jonathan Robinson, bass
Luther Gray, drums

Carpe Momentum

Carpe Momentum
(Soul Note, 2004)

Greg Burk, piano/composer
Jerry Bergonzi, soprano
and tenor saxophones
Jonathan Robinson, bass
Gerald Cleaver, drums

Burks quirks

For George Russel

The way In

The Way In
(482 Music, 2006)

Greg Burk, piano/composer
Paper Piano

Serenity's Distant Dawn

Nothing Knowing

Nothing, Knowing
(482 Music, 2005)

Greg Burk, pianist/composer
Steve Swallow, electric bass
Bob Moses, drums

Checking In

Checking In
(Soul Note, 2002)

Greg Burk, piano/composer
Jonathan Robinson, bass
Bob Moses, drums and percussion

Sun Up



Nearly Lost

Nearly Lost
(Self released, 2001)

Greg Burk, solo piano

Progressions and Digressions

Progressions and Digressions
(Self released, 2000)

Greg Burk, solo piano

Love is the Sound of Surprise

Parco della Musica Records, 2017



TriaT - In a dense fog
(RaRa Records - 2017)

Gionni Di Clemente, Oud, Bouzouki, 10 String Guitar

Giuseppe Francehelucci, Cello, Electric Cello

Domenico Candellori, Drums, Percussion

Greg Burk, Moog Synth, Keyboards, Piano


Extremely Serious Business


2015 ESP-disk

John D. Thomas, guitar, guitar synth

Greg Burk, piano, synth

Paul Beaudry, contrabass

Tom Garner, drums

Avi Rothbard, guitar (#7 only)

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